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Hot Potassium CO2 Removal Systems & Recycling of Secondary Materials

Sourcing, process, production knowledge & recycling expertise

Gas Processing

Off the shelf concentrates for hot Potassium CO2 removal units

Custom Solutions

Cost effective optimised custom solutions for your specific requirements

Recycling Catalyst

Recycling spent catalyst and secondary materials

Welcome to Argo Capital bv

Argo Capital focus on supplying a range of solutions for two areas including Corrosion inhibitors and Activators and principally the recycling of secondaries and spent additives and are proud to serve our customers on a global basis in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa Middle East and Pacific Rim.

Corrosion Inhibitors and Promoters for CO2 Removal Systems & Recycling of Secondary materials and spent Catalyst

Argo Capital BV

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Argo Capital BV
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